Kids Charcoal Herringbone Tweed Three Piece Suit


Our stylish kids BritishTweedCo tweed three piece suit, made to order using a combination between standard sizing and then modified by the height, weight and age values you provide, to create a brilliant fitting suit for any child/teen.  This single breasted 70% wool blend suit comes with a jacket, waistcoat and trousers of any standard childs sizing combination you require.

Please double check your measurements before ordering, you can see our measurement guide to help you here. Your brand new, made to order suit(s) will be delivered to your door typically within 28 days.

Whether its for a wedding, a birthday, the races or a family renuion, help your kids look awesome with a tweed three piece suit.



The same suit as our adult made to order range, but with a few tweaks to help get a perfect fitting suit for a child without having to get all the detailed measurements for a fully tailored suit.  In addition to the standard sizing of chest, waist and inside leg, you can provide the height, weight and age of the child to help us get a more accurate fit.  Once you order we will start making your suit and it will be with you in around 3-4 weeks, delivered directly to your door worldwide.  Urgent / priority orders can be done within 10-14 days (plus shipping) at cost of £50 per suit. UK shipping is included and, worldwide shipping is available at a cost of £25 per suit, both are fully tracked with SMS confirmation.
These suits are made to order using a combination between standard sizing and then modified by the height, weight and age values you provide, to create a brilliant fitting suit for any child/teen.  However if you feel you the child is particularly tall/short/slim/large/athletic or has other specific requirements you may want to consider our Made to Measure range here.  These are the same range of suits, but will be made fully tailored according to 12 simple measurements you provide.

Because this is a made to order product, it is not elligible for the “no questions asked” distance selling return policy like the majority of the products on the site. Refunds can only be accepted if the suits are faulty/damaged/significantly not as described or incorrect for some other reason that is our fault. You can cancel your order within the first 48 hours, after this no refunds can be given for things like “you changed your mind about the colour/ its darker blue than i thought”.  If colour is really important you can easily request a fabric sample through our contact form. Discounts are available for larger orders (4 suits or more), if you are buying for a wedding party for example please get in touch.


Additional information

Jacket & Waistcoat Chest Size

19“ Inch Chest (48 cm), 20“ Inch Chest (51 cm), 21“ Inch Chest (53 cm), 22“ Inch Chest (56 cm), 23“ Inch Chest (58 cm), 24“ Inch Chest (61 cm), 25“ Inch Chest (64 cm), 26“ Inch Chest (66 cm), 27“ Inch Chest (69 cm), 28“ Inch Chest (71 cm), 29“ Inch Chest (74 cm), 30“ Inch Chest (76 cm), 31“ Inch Chest (79 cm), 32“ Inch Chest (81 cm), 33“ Inch Chest (84 cm), 34“ Inch Chest (86 cm), 35“ Inch Chest (89 cm)

Trouser Waist Size

18“ Inch Waist (46 cm), 19“ Inch Waist (48 cm), 20“ Inch Waist (51 cm), 21“ Inch Waist (53 cm), 22“ Inch Waist (56 cm), 23“ Inch Waist (58 cm), 24“ Inch Waist (61 cm), 25“ Inch Waist (64 cm), 26“ Inch Waist (66 cm), 27“ Inch Waist (69 cm), 28“ Inch Waist (71 cm), 29“ Inch Waist (74 cm)

Trouser Inseam

12“ Inch Inside Leg (30 cm), 13“ Inch Inside Leg (33 cm), 14“ Inch Inside Leg (36 cm), 15“ Inch Inside Leg (38 cm), 16“ Inch Inside Leg (41 cm), 17“ Inch Inside Leg (43 cm), 18“ Inch Inside Leg (46 cm), 19“ Inch Inside Leg (48 cm), 20“ Inch Inside Leg (51 cm), 21“ Inch Inside Leg (53 cm), 22“ Inch Inside Leg (56 cm), 23“ Inch Inside Leg (58 cm), 24“ Inch Inside Leg (61 cm), 25“ Inch Inside Leg (64 cm), 26“ Inch Inside Leg (66 cm)

Age of Child

2 Years, 3 Years, 4 Years, 5 Years, 6 Years, 7 Years, 8 Years, 9 Years, 10 Years, 11 Years, 12 Years, 13 Years, 14 Years, 15 Years, 16 Years

Height of Child (m)

0.70 (m), 0.80 (m), 0.90 (m), 1.00 (m), 1.10 (m), 1.20 (m), 1.30 (m), 1.40 (m), 1.50 (m), 1.60 (m)

Weight of Child (kg)

10 (kg), 11 (kg), 12 (kg), 13 (kg), 14 (kg), 15 (kg), 16 (kg), 17 (kg), 18 (kg), 19 (kg), 20 (kg), 21 (kg), 22 (kg), 23 (kg), 24 (kg), 25 (kg), 26 (kg), 27 (kg), 28 (kg), 29 (kg), 30 (kg), 31 (kg), 32 (kg), 33 (kg), 34 (kg), 35 (kg), 36 (kg), 37 (kg), 38 (kg), 39 (kg), 40 (kg), 41 (kg), 42 (kg), 43 (kg), 44 (kg), 45 (kg), 46 (kg), 47 (kg), 48 (kg), 49 (kg), 50 (kg), 51 (kg), 52 (kg), 53 (kg), 54 (kg), 55 (kg), 56 (kg), 57 (kg), 58 (kg), 59 (kg), 60 (kg)

Dispatch Time

Standard Made to Order (Avg 25 working days), Priority Order (Avg 14 working days) + £50

Shipping Destination

UK Shipping (Free), Worldwide Shipping (+£25)


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