Mens Size Guide

Men’s Tweed Tailoring & Shoe Size Guide

Below are a series of tables showing conversions between the main clothing and shoe sizes in the UK, US and EU. These are general guides, and individual products could differ, so always read the product specifications and if you have any doubts please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Men’s Tweed Suits, Jackets, Blazers & Coat Sizes

mens-tweed-suit-jacket-blazer-size-conversionUse this table to convert between American, English and European jacket chest sizes for our men’s tweed suits, jackets and coats. The UK, US and Australian sizes are the same dimensions, and the EU sizing is consistent throughout the vast majority of European countries.

If you are a larger build and are buying a slim fitting suit for the first time, you may wish to consider moving up a size. Whilst the sleeve lengths are typically no different in a slim fitting suit, they are often narrower and taper to give a slimmer silhouette which can feel a little strange if you are used to wearing looser fitting suits. Of course you can always return a suit for a different fit (providing you haven’t been partying in it of course ; )


Men’s Tweed Trouser Sizes

mens-tweed-trouser-size-conversionUse this table to convert between American, English and European trouser sizes. In many cases with UK clothing, trouser length is not specified as a measurement and merely referred to as Short (typically 30”), Regular (32”) or Long (34”). These can occasionally differ between styles and manufacturers, so always check the product specifications or contact us if you are unsure.



Men’s Shirts Sizes

mens-shirt-size-conversionThe sizing of shirts often varies more between styles and brands than say trousers. Much like with trousers in the UK we typically refer to shirts predominently by the collar size and refer to the sleeve length as typically small, regular or large, however what is considered small, medium and large is different depending on the collar size, so always check the product specifications.




Men’s Shoe Sizes

mens-shoe-size-conversionShoe sizing can be a little confusing as different manufacturers can use different systems, and they’re different again between men and women, so refer to this handy chart to double check your sizing.





If you have questions about the sizes of any of our products please don’t hesitate to get in touch here.

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