Made to Measure Sizing Submission

Please fill in the contact form below with the measurements for your made to measure suit as described below and in our measurement guide. Please use the email and name you placed the order with, and include your order number. If you have ordered multiple suits you will need to fill this form in seperately for each suit, you should also leave a name or reference for each suit so you know whos suit is whos when they arrive.

Please provide your measurements in the boxes below in centimetres (cm). Not all fields are required, but the more you provide the better the fit will be. If you have trousers and a shirt that you know already fit you well, you can wear those to make it easier. For a more detailed explanation of taking your measurements please see our measuring guide.

Trouser Measurements

Measure around your waist at the height where you would like to wear your pants (cm).

Measure from the top of the waist , along the side pant seam, to the desired trouser length. This is typically around one inch above the ground (cm).

Measure around the fullest part of your hips, making sure your pockets are empty and the tape is not restrictive. You should just barely feel the tape against your body (cm).

Measure the circumfrence from the top of the inseam all the way around your thigh (cm).

Jacket Measurements

Hold the measuring tape at roughly nipple level, and wind it under the armpits and over the shoulder blades (cm).

With your arm relaxed at your side, measure from the shoulder seam to your desired length, generally at the base of the thumb where it meets your wrist (cm).

Measure across the top of the back from the tip of one shoulder to the tip of the other. If you struggle to identify the tip and have a shirt that fits well, you can simply measure between the shoulder seams (cm).

Measure from the highest part of your shoulder, where the shoulder and neck seams meet, to your desired jacket length, which is usually around the thumb joint (cm).

Flex your arm to 90 degrees and measure the circumference of your bicep at its widest point (cm).

Measure around your wrist bone, keep the tape measure snug but not tight (cm).

Measure the cirumfrance of your neck at the height where your collar would sit. (cm).

Measure the widest part of your abdomen, usually around the level of your belly button, ensuring the tape is level.

Additional Measurements

Your height and weight help us when sizing the suit and double checking proportions against the measurements you provide.

Please specify if your height is in metres/cm or feet/inches.

Please specify if your weight is in stone or kilograms.

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